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Advice for finding a prince among frogs

Advice for finding a prince among frogs.

Happy Valentine’s Day


I love you! I appreciate your love and support. Thank you for sticking with me in this “Wise Courtship” journey.

This year I will open up on much of my thoughts regarding relationships. I pray it blesses you even more than you have blessed me. It is my prayer that you receive the best a relationship can offer; that’s the reason why I took the time to write this book.

Enjoy this special day of love and be sure to tell someone you love them and do something special for them today. Maybe you can write them a love letter like I am writing you.

Stay in touch by joining this blog and/or my other social media sites. Be sure to comment and leave your thoughts. I love hearing from you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Toni Henderson-Mayers, MA, MCC, MBA
Author of ” Wise Courtship”

A New Year, A New Love


When reading the title of this post you may ask, why write about the New Year on February 1st? It was my intention to write this post in January but I was enjoying the New Year so much, time just got away from me.

So it is with a new love. We become so engrossed with the emotion, hype and discovery of our new found love. We spend all our time together, we talk several times a day over the phone, we text each all the time and fantasize about each other when we are away. We just can’t get enough of each other until. Until? Yes until the newness wears off. Until the monotony of everyday life seeps into our fragile love bubble. Like a New Year, February 1st is just a short distance away.

Nothing remains new, fresh, untouched forever. When the newness wears off where do you stand? Are you left cold, abandoned, unloved, hurt, mistreated? Are you in love now more than ever although not new but appreciated, cherished, celebrated? What is the difference of these two extreme points? If I were still in Geometry class I would say a straight line. (Smile) Yet there can be a straight line from new love to mature love.

I try to teach about that straight line in my book, “Wise Courtship”. It’s like making a New Year’s resolution and having a guide to help you stick with it. In “Wise Courtship, the book, I try to teach planning before the emotion, hype and discovery of a new love begins so that when the newness wears off, your straight line leads to lasting love.

I know what it feels like to be hurt, abandoned, mistreated, neglected. No one deserves to ever be treated in this way; especially you. It is my prayer that in this New Year that each new love you discover whether romantic or platonic leads you on a straight line to true long lasting love.

Sincerely loving,
Toni Henderson-Mayers, MA, MCC, MBA
Author of Wise Courtship: Before Relationship & Marriage Guide

Happy New Year


From the Wise Courtship Family to you and yours; we wish you a very Happy New Year. Thank you for all the support you have given over this year to Toni Henderson-Mayers and her new book, “Wise Courtship”. In 2015 we hope to post personal stories and information sure to benefit you in your love journey. Thank you.

Road and Radio Tour Success

Toni Henderson-Mayers will wrap up a very successful road and radio tour of her book, “Wise Courtship” today as she honors one last radio show for the year of 2014. “I am more than pleased of the success of this tour. So much love and support was shown to me in person and on the air waves. I’ve been on so many radio shows and podcasts that not a day goes by that I don’t see the results of it on my website, social media sites, through emails or calls. It has been an amazing journey”, Toni states.

Touring 10 states and appearing on over 50 radio programs many of which were syndicated was not a bad start considering there were no bookings scheduled when the tour and year began.

Although, Toni is not officially touring in 2015, she continues to honor invitations for radio shows, guest spots as an expert including some TV in 2015 and conference speaking engagements. “Getting the message of “Wise Courtship” out is my main focus. I’m so honored that others are receiving it with anticipation, excitement and a gratitude”, Toni states.

For information on Wise Courtship or Toni Henderson-Mayers visit or visit Facebook, Twitter or Instagram under the name Wise Courtship